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2021 Calendar

The beautiful 2021 calendar produced by the Friends of the Kalderimi is now printed and available to buy.  

Please email us if you would like to obtain one.

Important message about emails


From time to time, individual members have mentioned that they at some point stopped receiving emails from us with information on walks etc. With the walking season now starting, we hope that the following information will allow anyone affected to find the cause of this problem and resolve it.

A) Depending on the email service provider, not all messages received will be sent to the INBOX. Most people are aware of the SPAM / JUNK box, in which missing messages are sometimes found.  However, it is also possible for them to end up in other categories, such as BULK, SOCIAL, UPDATES, FORUMS, PROMOTIONS etc. If you search in one of these, you may find your missing emails and be able to adjust the settings so that they are sent to your INBOX in future!!

B) Some members have found that they have accidentally clicked on the “Unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the email and for privacy and security reasons we are unable to re-subscribe anyone who has clicked on this link. If you think this may have happened in error, please click here to re-subscribe to the mailing list.

Work Parties & Forthcoming Events

During the current Coronavirus situation, no work parties or events are planned but will resume as soon as the restrictions are lifted.

Sunday 9 January 2022 - Circular walk from Randi, Platania

The meeting point for this walk will be the house of Chris and Kathryn - 'Olive Store Cottage,' Randi, Platania. Your can see the link on Google Maps here The house is situated on the main road to Platania 500 metres after the roads to Rodia and Vodin. 

We will meet at 10.45 to start the walk at 11.00.  We will follow earth roads and footpaths from Agia Sofia church to the monastery of Agios Spiridon (closed). We continue to Agios Nikolaou and continue to Platania on the generally downhill route following the South Pelion Trail.

It is an easy route but can be slippery in places on narrow rocky sections of path. Walking time Randi to Platania is 2 hours.
We will return to Randi following the earth roads to Afillianes and Trochala allowing a further 2 hours.

It is also possible to return more directly from Platania on the main Promyri kalderimi. You are welcome to come along for all or part of the walk. If you do not wish to return on foot to Randi, you will need to arrange your own transport from Platanias.

We hope you can join us.

Call Chris for further information if necessary 6945 575360
If the weather is not good enough for the full 4 - 4.5 hour walk, we will take a shorter circular route from the house.

The paths may muddy, so please make sure you wear suitable footwear.

Given the current restrictions on eating in tavernas, we will not be arranging a group meal, however there are one or two tavernas open in Platania and also in Promyri, Lafkos, Milina and Argalasti.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Telephone : 6907196052

This mobile telephone is switched on and available ONLY on organised walks or at some other events.  

Please keep a record of it on your mobile phone in case you need to contact someone during a walk or event.

If you need to make contact with any member of the committee at any other time, please email them direct (email addresses here)

or email and we will get back to you as soon as practicable.


If you take part in a Friends of the Kalderimi walk or event you do so entirely at your own risk and neither the Friends of the Kalderimi

nor the organisers or leaders of the walk or event are in any way responsible for the safety of those taking part.