The Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion

Οι Φίλοι των Καλντεριμιών του Νοτίου Πηλίου

Who We Are

The Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion is a nature loving, conservation, cultural and walking society and a non-profit organisation. Since 2007 we have aimed to promote, enhance and preserve the natural beauty of South Pelion and make it accessible for both residents and visitors through the following activities:

Finding and opening paths

We are constantly looking for existing kalderimia which may have become overgrown, have been damaged or are hidden below paths, driveways, orchards and tarmac roads.

Members have discovered and re-opened over 100 km of kalderimia throughout the Pelion area.

Work parties

When a disused kalderimi has been discovered, volunteer work parties are organised to clear the pathway and, where possible, to expose the original kalderimi stones.

Work parties take place most Saturdays throughout the cooler months of the year. The volunteers will normally be working for three or four hours at a time and may go to the same area time and time again until the path is cleared and fit for safe walking.

Details of the planned work parties can be found here or on our Facebook page.

Signing and mapping

The paths identified by the Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion are marked by yellow waymarker signs and red paint marks to help you find your way.

In several villages we have placed large maps at strategic points indicating local routes and some members have also produced maps of the paths in a local area – for example, around Neochori.

In the South Pelion area there is a wonderful network of stone donkey paths dating back hundreds of years, known as kalderimi. They are easily seen within the villages of Pelion. They also link villages and settlements throughout the area.

Many of the old paths have disappeared under pressure from increased building and the extension of asphalt roads, and some have been converted into agricultural or earth roads to allow access to fields and olive groves. However, many still exist, blocked by vegetation or abandoned through disrepair.

Organised walks

We organise walks, usually every week, and an email is sent out to all members to invite them to join us.

Details of the walk planned for each week can be found here and on our Facebook page.


We always need the help of friends to keep the routes open and improve them, so please do join us - as a member, as a walker, on a work party or at a social event. New members and friends are always welcome.

If you would like to become a member please go to our Information page for details.

Social and fund-raising events

We organise or are involved in fund- raising events throughout the year.

Information about all our events is sent by email to members, and is posted here or on our Facebook page.

Annual events include:

A Friends of the Kalderimi stall at the Lafkos Spring Plant Fair, held in April. This is a chance to buy seeds, seedlings or more established plants for your garden, both edible and ornamental, as well as pots, bulbs, jams, cakes and many other locally produced items.

The Friends of the Kalderimi Annual General Assembly, previously held on the first Sunday in November.  Members are always encouraged to attend and vote at this meeting.

A Friends of the Kalderimi Summer Party, usually held in the square in Neochori, with dinner, traditional music and dancing.

If you take part in a Friends of the Kalderimi walk or event you do so entirely at your own risk and neither the Friends of the Kalderimi

nor the organisers or leaders of the walk or event are in any way responsible for the safety of those taking part.