Who We Are

In the South Pelion area there is a wonderful
network of stone paths dating back a few hundred
years, known as kalderimia. They are easily seen
within the villages of Pelion. They also link villages
and settlements throughout the area and are rights
of way. Many of the old paths, both kalderimia and
other footpaths, have disappeared under pressure
from increased building and the extension of asphalt
roads, and some have been converted into agricultural earth roads to allow access to fields and olive groves.

Many, however, still exist, blocked by vegetation
or abandoned through disrepair, and since 2008 our

society has been locating, opening up and maintaining these paths as far as possible.

The Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion is a
nature loving, conservation, cultural and walking
society and a non-profit organisation. We aim to
promote, enhance and preserve the natural beauty
of South Pelion and make it accessible for both
residents and visitors through the following activities:

The association’s activities are supported by
volunteer members of the club and members of local communities. They are financed by the subscriptions
of its members and donations.

Finding, opening and maintaining paths

We try to locate, often with the help of local
people and other organisations, existing
kalderimia and other paths which have fallen
into disuse and disappeared beneath vegetation. 

We do not attempt to open every closed path that
is discovered but rather give priority to those that connect the villages and settlements of South

Since 2008 members have discovered and re-
opened over 150 km of kalderimia throughout
the Pelion area. We plan to document all routes
in the area of South Pelion and, so far, more than
70 of our re-opened routes have been recorded.

We try to gather information about the condition
of the paths and our aim is to have a
maintenance schedule for these trails, to keep

them open and safe for the public, in cooperation
with the Municipality and local people.

When an old disused path has been located, either
local workmen are hired or volunteer work parties
are organised to open it up and, where possible,
to expose any original kalderimi stones which have survived.

Volunteers will normally be working for three or
four hours at a time and may go to the same area
time and time again until the path is cleared and
fit for safe walking.

Details of the planned work parties can be found
here and on our Facebook page.

Please also go to our Path Care and Maintenance
page for more information.


If you would like to become a member please go to our Information page for details.

New members and friends are always welcome so please do join us - as a member, a walker, on a
work party or at a social event.

Our society relies exclusively on the income from annual subscriptions, donations and fund-raising
activities plus the volunteer effort of our members and other supporters to keep the paths open.

Signing and mapping

The paths identified by the Friends of the Kalderimi of South Pelion are marked by
yellow waymarker signs and red paint
marks to help you find your way.

We produce a sponsored leaflet with a map showing these walking routes.

In addition, one of our members has signed
some local walks around Neohori and has
produced a leaflet with a map showing these.

Organised walks

We organise walks, usually every week on a
Sunday morning, and an email is sent out to
all members to invite them to join us.

We encourage members of local communities
to join the walks, to become members and
help to maintain the trails in their area – the
paths belong to the communities and need
the participation of local people to stay open.

Details of the next planned walk can be found
here and on our Facebook page.

Fund-raising and social events and activities

Social and fund-raising events and activities that we organise or are involved in include:

  • A Friends of the Kalderimi stall at the Lafkos
    Spring Plant Fair
    , held in April. This event has developed over the past few years to include
    stalls selling locally produced goods and
    artwork as well as seeds, seedlings and more established plants for your garden. The Friends
    of the Kalderimi
    stall sells home-made snacks
    and the fair is the perfect opportunity to pay
    your annual subscription or join the society.
  • The Friends of the Kalderimi Annual General Assembly is held in October. Members are
    always encouraged to attend and vote at this meeting. It is also a good opportunity to
    socialise with other members!
  • Presentations of the society’s work to visiting
    groups of walkers.
  • Involvement with community initiatives,
    e.g walks with schools

Information about all our events is sent by email to members, posted here or on our Facebook page.